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Buy various Switches & Keypad online at very affordable price.Your online source for Electronics Components, Sensors, Modules, Wireless Kits and Robotic Accessories. Shop at wholesale price for Modular Switches, Push Buttons, Lighting Control System Components From Top Brands.offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of Electronic Switches in distribution. Our product portfolio has a wide range of Electrical Switches to select from including: Detector Switches, Dip Switches, Encoder Switches, Pushbutton Switches, Rocker Switches, Rotary Switches, Slide Switches, Snap Action Switches, Tactile Switches, Toggle Switches, Ultra Miniature Switches.

Analog Joystick Switch Analog Joystick Switch
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Model: TPS-00513
Analog JoystickDescription:It is used for two-dimensional input. An analog joystick is a variation of a joystick, consisting of a protrusion from the controller; input is based on the position of this protrusion in relation to the default "center" position. While digital sticks rely on s..
Model: TPS-00516
Description:A push button is a momentary or non-latching switch which causes a temporary change in the state of an electrical circuit only while the switch is physically actuated. An automatic mechanism (i.e. a spring) returns the switch to its default position immediately afterwards, restoring..
Model: TPS-00517
Description:The word "toggle" is a reference to a kind of mechanism or joint consisting of two arms, which are almost in line with each other, connected with an elbow-like pivot.Toggle switches are available in many different styles and sizes, and are used in numerous applications. Many are de..
Reed Switch -Magnetic Switch Normally Open Contact - 12mm Reed Switch -Magnetic Switch Normally Open Contact - 12mm
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Model: TPS-00629
The reed switch is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field. It consists of a pair of contacts on ferromagnetic metal reeds in a hermetically sealed glass envelope. The contacts may be normally open, closing when a magnetic field is present, or normally closed and opening when a..
Model: TPS-01027
The items Listed here are for Hobby Electronics /DIY activities Only..
Model: TPS-01134
SMD Switch Distinctive snapping action and extended mechanical/electrical durability.Available in embossed taping packages for automatic mounting...
Model: TPS-MULTI80
Dip SwitchFeatures:Heat resistanceDurabilityUnmatched qualityPCB Mount Parallel SwitchAvailable in 2PIN, 4PIN, 8PIN switchPin Spacing 2.54mmColor Blue/Red..
Model: TPS-00952
Generally used for CNC Control Panel or Pendant etc. Features Momentary action Low profile dome shape Mounting hole: 12mm..
Model: TPS-00525
DPDT Switch - Center Off - Rocker - Lock ActionSpecifications:Poles:                DPDT Terminals:         6 Pin (On-Off-On)Rating Voltage:  6A 250V, 10A 125VColor:             &nbs..
Model: TPS-00514
DPDT Switch - Center Off - Rocker - Spring ActionSpecifications:Poles:               DPDT Terminals:         6 Pin (On-Off-On  with spring action)Rating Voltage: 6A 250VColor: &..
Switch - DPDT Switch - Either/Or - Toggle Type - Lock Action -(5 Amp)
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Model: TPS-01383
DPDT Switch - Either/Or - Toggle Type - Lock Action -(5 Amp)    Specifications:DPDT Switch -Either/Or Toggle Type - Lock Action -5 AmpProduct Name: Toggle Switch;Rated Voltage & Current: AC 250V, 5APosition: 2 Positions (ON/ON);..
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