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Development Boards & Kits

A collection of Micro-controller Development boards which are perfect for Students  and hobbyist to implement there projects without much hassle. These are low cost affordable boards which students can use for learning Microcontroller. 

8 Channel Relay Module 8 Channel Relay Module
New Made in India
Model: TPS-MULTI105
Header connector for connecting power and trigger voltage.LED on each channel indicates relay status.Screw terminal connector for easy relay output.Available in 24v,12v and 5v operating Voltage...
Model: TPS-MULTI13
Available in 12v and 5v operating Voltage...
Keypad 4X4 - Microswitch matrix keypad Keypad 4X4 - Microswitch matrix keypad
Made in India
Model: TPS-00630
4X4 micro-switch Keypad with on-board power indicator. 4x4 keypad manual from Total Project Solutions..
L298N-2 Amp Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Board
Made in India
Model: TPS-00625
New Improved L298 Dual H-Bridge Board - Ideal for robot motor control , smart  full feature ,compact, Compatible with AVR - 40 Board10 Pin Box Header Connection Description Pin1= ENABLE B Pin2= ENABLE A Pin3= INPUT-3 Pin4= INPUT-1 Pin5= INPUT-4 Pin6= INPUT-2 Pin7= NOT CONNECTED Pin..
RS232 To TTL Converter Board RS232 To TTL Converter Board
Made in India
Model: TPS-00617
RS232 to TTL Converter Board based on Max232 for PC to embedded system communication...
SD Card Breakout Board
Made in India
Model: TPS-00618
SD Card Breakout Boardon-board 5V to 3.3V convertereasy to interface with Multidunio-Freedom..
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