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PCB & Soldering

Printed Circuit Board or PCB is the most fundamental thing in electronics. Printed circuit boards are used in all but the simplest electronic products. Over here you can buy various types PCB's from copper clad to general purpose PCB also called as dotted or Zero PCB. Also you can find various types of SMD to DIP adapters which will help in using SMD components in your projects without developing complex PCB's.

BreadBoard GL-12 - 840 Points BreadBoard GL-12 - 840 Points
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Model: TPS-00611
BreadBoard GL-12 - 840 PointsSpecifications New & High Quality!840 Tie points128 Groups of 5 connected terminals8 Bus of 25 connected terminalsSize -175 x 67 x 8mm No soldering requiredCan modify or revise the circuits easilySimilar prototyping printed circuit boardsFit for jumper wire..
Desoldering Wick per mtr
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Model: TPS-00494
Desoldering WickFeatures:Smooth finishLow maintenanceEasy to useLength 1 meterOther Details: The Desoldering Wick enables you to give a high sucking power through its cross weaved copper Desolders 40% faster than the conventional wick..
Model: TPS-MULTI88
Ferric Chloride (FeCl3) For PCB Etching Weight: 100g, 200g, 300g, 400g, 500g (select)Application: PCB Etching ** Use sufficient amount for Etching WARNING: Making PCB's requires the use of Ferric Chloride (FeCI3) which is corrosive, avoid skin and eye contact. Use glasses, gloves, and p..
Model: TPS-01406
General Purpose Multi Bash PCBSpecifications:Multi Bash PCBMaterial: Paper Phenolic  Size available 116MM X 106MM..
Model: TPS-MULTI30
General Purpose Perforated PCBDescriptionThis is a good quality Dot Matrix PCB board. It is also known as Perforated Board. This board can be used to quickly build and test circuit boards for testing and prototyping purposed or maybe for making breakout boards. This board is made of high-quality phe..
Model: TPS-MULTI55
General purpose board primarily used for etching your own boards.  These aredouble sided transparent Glass Epoxy copper clad boards only...
Model: TPS-MULTI44
General purpose board primarily used for etching your own boards.  These are single sided transparent Glass Epoxy copper clad boards only...
Model: TPS-00499
Solder Wire Pack - 22SWG - 60/40-Sn/PbSolder Wire is generally used for manual soldering or rework...
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