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Motors and Wheels

Robot DC Gearhead Motor & Wheel Starter Kit Robot Motor Wheel Kit, DC Gearhead Motor · Robot DC Gearhead Motor & Wheel Starter Kit. DC motors and controllers and accessories for control of motors from USB, logic-level serial, analog voltage and hobby radio control (RC) systems.

Model: TPS-01378
6000 RPM PMDC MotorDescription:RPM Range=6000*Voltage Range=9-12VWeight=65gms Dimensions23mmx35mm) Dia x Length* RPM depends on Voltage rated rpm on 12V..
Model: TPS-01865
Description: working voltage :DC 3V-5V weight:25g 100% Brand New High QualityPackage included1pcs DC 3v 5v gear motor..
Model: TPS-MULTI71
Metal body  Side Shaft  Motor is suitable for large robots / automation systems. It has sturdy construction with gear box built to handle stall torque produced by the motor. Drive shaft is supported from both sides with metal bushes. Motor runs smoothly for excellent coupling...
Model: TPS-00923
Part Number: FF-130SH   Weight:  24g    Total Length: 36MM   shaft diameter: 2.0MM    Working voltage : 6-12V ..
Model: TPS-00559
Plastic Pulley good for thread /wire sliding , Dia 10mm..
Model: TPS-01896
Robotic Arm Gripper ( Motorized )DC Power  (9 to 12V DC). Change in rotation direction of the DC Motor, generates Jaw Open & Close Action.Using1. DPDT Switch (manual mode)2. Microcontroller with L293D Motor Driver module...
Model: TPS-00567
WheelDia-7 cmWidth-20mmHole-6mm (Metal Bush)..
Model: TPS-01170
Wheel - Dia-7cm,Width-40mm,Hole-6mm (Metal Bush)Straight grip..
Model: TPS-00561
Description:Caster wheel - Small, 3 holes for fittings, Smooth and Excellent performance and Omni directional movement .Ideal for Micromouse, line follower robot, and various other operations.Ball size 18mm...
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