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Microcontroller Boards

microcontroller development board is a printed circuit board (PCB) with circuitry and hardware designed to facilitate experimentation with a certain microcontroller boards features.

2 Channel IR Remote Control Board
Made in India Sold Out
Model: TPS-00626
IR Controlled Relay Board - 2 ChannelIt can also use to control (switch on - Off  AC or DC ) house hold power supply like fan tube light etcup to 100Watts only, also can be used in robot or other devices wireless through IR- it comes with RemoteClick Here for Manual..
4 Channel IR Remote Control Board 4 Channel IR Remote Control Board
Made in India Sold Out
Model: TPS-01471
4 Channel IR Remote Control Board     Remote operating range (Inside room 5-6 meters)Each relay can Switch On or OFF separatelyReceiver Indicates output status by LED Receiver operates from 12V AC  or DC power supply Relay contact are brought out as screw terminal Applications ..
8051-MCS51 Development Board (For 40 Pin Microcontrollers)
Made in India
Model: TPS-00607
8051-MCS51 Dev. BoardInput Power supply – 9-12V DCPower indicator led on boardPort0/1/2/3 connection through 10 pin box header (use 10 pin FRC cable  pin9-GND,Pin10--+5V)PC interface through Serial port (RS232 serial extension cable)Reset pin on boardISP Pin outReverse voltage protectionAT8..
Arduino Ethernet Shield (Wiznet W5100 Ethernet Shield)
Sold Out
Model: TPS-00762
Arduino Ethernet Shield (Wiznet W5100 Ethernet Shield)FeaturesWith Micro SD interface5V/3.3V double operational voltage level10Mb/100Mb Ethernet socket with POEAll electronic brick interface are broken outOperation temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃Electrical CharacteristicsSpecification Min Type Max UnitPowe..
Arduino Mega 2560
Sold Out
Model: TPS-01037
Arduino Mega 2560 Features:Microcontroller                                          &..
Arduino Uno Advanced Learning kit
Sold Out
Model: TPS-01247
37 in 1 Sensor Modules Kit for Arduino Uno R3, Arduino Uno R3 with cableSensor Kit Includes 1 1 x Small passive buzzer module2 1 x 2-color LED module3 1 x Hit sensor module4 1 x Vibration switch module5 1 x Photo resistor module6 1 x Key switch module7 1 x Tilt switch module8 1 x 3-color f..
Arduino Uno Basic Learning kit
Sold Out
Model: TPS-01246
Package Includes :1 × UNO R3 .1× USB CABLE.1 × Breadboard.5 × 5MM LED Red.5× 5MM LED Green.5 × 5MM LED Yellow.10 × Resistor 220 ohm.10 × Resistor 1K.10× Resistor 10K.10 × Resistor 100K.2 × 5mm  LDR Photoresistor.6 × 2PIN MICRO SWITCH1 × 9V Battery 1 × 9V Battery Connector.2 × 1*40pin 2.54mm Pin..
Arduino Uno Intermediate Learning kit
Sold Out
Model: TPS-01248
Package List:1x Arduino UNO Board, 1x Ultrasonic distance sensor,1x Accelerometer Sensor, 1x servo motor, 1x Joystick Module, 1x IR receiver 1738, 2x 74HC595,1x DHT-11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor, 1x DC Motor, 1x L293 motor driver, 1x Relay, 1x LCD1602, 1x 7-Segment Display, 1x Four-digit segmen..
Arduino Uno R3 	Free USB Cable
Sold Out
Model: TPS-01245
Arduino Uno R3 Features:        Microcontroller                             ATmega328POperating Voltage                        5VInput ..
ATmega 8/48/88/168/328 Base Board
Made in India
Model: TPS-01108
Atmega 8/48/88/168/328 Base Board (V2) comes with enhanced features (each port having box header) and is fully compatible with following below with via FRC cable Now connect board with USBASP Programmer via FRC cable to transfer code in new microcontrollerDownload ManualCompatible Add..
Atmel AVR -40 pin base board (microcontroller not included)
Made in India
Model: TPS-00604
Atmel AVR -40 pin base board (microcontroller not included)Features:Input voltage 9- 12V DC16 Mhz crystal on boardPort A, B, C, D out in 10 PIN box header (1-8 and box header PIN 9 – GND, PIN 10 – Vcc +5V)RS232 interface to communicate with PCVref  PotentiometerICSP pin (10 pin Box he..
Microchip PIC 18 Pin DIP IC Development Board For 16f84a/16f628 alike
Made in India
Model: TPS-00116
Microchip PIC 18 Pin Dev. Board Product Type: Microchip PIC 18 Pin Dev. Board For 16f84a/16f628 alike   ..
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