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Sockets for ICs

High quality, dual-in-line narrow sockets with black thermoplastic bodies and tin-plated copper alloy contacts.,ZIF Sockets. Makes for easy connecting or programming DIP ICs.Buy IC base and Sockets online at very affordable price. Your online source for IC base, Sockets, cables, wires, connectors and electronic components.

40 Pin ZIF Socket Base
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Model: TPS-00259
40 Pin ZIF Socket/Base     SpecificationsIdeal for Device Programmers Ideal for Programming and Test Rigs Zero Insertion Force - Easy Removal Low Contact Resistance when IC Held Suitable for All IC's up to 40 Pin Lever Locks for Programming RoHS Compliant..
Model: TPS-00262
 44 Pin PLCC Socket/Base     AD44 may also be used with windowed LCC devices by using a suitable packing shim. office for details. AD60 is PLCC only.Socket Specification:Insertions: 5000Replaceable: Yes..
Model: TPS-01506
74HC112N Dual JK flip-flop with set and reset; negative-edge trigger16 PIN DIP..
Model: TPS-01839
featuresDC triggered from active-HIGH transition or active-LOW transition inputsRetriggerable to 100% duty cycleCompensated for VCC and temperature variationsTriggerable from CLEAR inputDTL, TTL compatibleInput clamp diodes..
Model: TPS-01528
APR6008 Voice Recording and Playback Device Voice ICFeatures:Voice Recording & Playback Device8 Minute DurationMulti-level analog storageHigh-quality audio recording and playbackDual mode storage of analog and/o..
Model: TPS-MULTI41
Description: IC sockets are used in applications where integrated circuit devices have short lead pins. They help in providing safe removal and insertion of IC chips. They are often found in desktop and server computers. They are also used for prototyping new circuits because they allow e..
Model: TPS-00526
Features 741 opamp operating characteristics Class AB output stage—no crossover distortion Pin compatible with the LM124 Overload protection for inputs and outputs Low supply current drain: 0.6 mA/Amplifier Low input offset voltage: 1 mV Low input offset curren..
Model: TPS-01374
Texas Instruments SN74LS279AN Latch, LS Family, 74LS279, SR, Standard, 12 Ns, 8 MA, DIP..
Model: TPS-MULTI36
@page { margin: 2cm } p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120% } a:link { so-language: zxx }Zero insertion force (ZIF) is a type of IC socket or electrical connector that requires very little force for insertion. With a ZIF socket, before the IC is ..
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