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Here are some ESP8266 code projects that you can explore:

  1. Wi-Fi Weather Station: Build a weather station using ESP8266 that connects to the internet and retrieves weather information. Display the data on an LCD or send it to a web server.

  2. Home Automation: Create an ESP8266-based home automation system to control lights, appliances, and other devices remotely using Wi-Fi and MQTT protocol.

  3. IoT Temperature and Humidity Monitor: Develop a temperature and humidity monitoring system using ESP8266 and a DHT11 or DHT22 sensor. Display the data on a web server or send notifications.

  4. Wi-Fi Controlled LED Strip: Build an LED strip controller using ESP8266, allowing you to change colors, brightness, and patterns wirelessly through a mobile app or web interface.

  5. MQTT-based Smart Switch: Create a smart switch using ESP8266 and MQTT. Control appliances remotely through a mobile app or web interface, using MQTT messages to communicate with the ESP8266.

  6. Wi-Fi Door Sensor: Build a wireless door sensor using an ESP8266 module and a magnetic switch. Receive notifications or trigger actions when the door is opened or closed.

  7. IoT Plant Monitoring System: Develop a plant monitoring system using ESP8266 and sensors like soil moisture and light intensity. Monitor the plant's health and receive notifications if intervention is required.

  8. Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener: Create a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door opener using ESP8266. Open and close your garage door remotely through a mobile app or web interface.

  9. Wi-Fi Energy Monitor: Build an energy monitoring system using ESP8266 and a current sensor. Monitor and track energy consumption of devices and appliances in real-time.

  10. Wi-Fi Web Server: Set up an ESP8266 as a web server to host a website or web application. Control devices, display sensor data, or interact with users through the web server.

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