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RF Integrated ICs

RFIC is an abbreviation of Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit. Applications for RFICs include radar and communications, although the term RFIC might be applied to any integrated electrical circuit operating in a frequency range suitable for wireless transmission.
There is considerable interest in RFIC research due to the cost benefit of shifting as much of the wireless transceiver as possible to a single technology, which in turn would allow for a system-on-chip solution as opposed to the more common system-on-package.

8 Channel Encoder Decoder IC CODEC Pair - Semi Substitute of HT640 and HT648L
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Model: TPS-00909
TPS12 CODEC Pair - (Contains 2 CODEC ic's ) Its semi substitute of HT640 and HT648L encoder decoder8 Bit Data and 4 Bit Address , useful to control 8 devices wireless (IR and RF both option )DATASHEET LINK  - Datasheet..
Model: TPS-00958
CM8870 - CMOS Integrated DTMF ReceiverFeaturesOperating voltage 5VFull DTMF receiverLess than 35mW power consumptionIndustrial temperature rangeUses quartz crystal or ceramic resonatorsAdjustable acquisition and release timesPackage type  18 Pin DIPApplicationsPABXCentral officeMobile ..
Model: TPS-00117
HT12D - Decoder IC for RF ModulesFeaturesOperating voltage: 2.4V~12VLow power and high noise immunity CMOS technologyLow standby currentCapable of decoding 12 bits of informationBinary address settingReceived codes are checked 3 timesAddress/Data number combin..
Model: TPS-00118
Features· Operating voltage 2.4V~12V for the HT12E· Low power and high noise immunity CMOS technology· Low standby current: 0.1mA (typ.) at VDD=5V· HT12A with a 38kHz carrier for infrared transmission medium· Minimum transmission word  Four words for the HT12E· Built-in oscillator..
Model: TPS-00122
Features Complete DTMF transmitter/receiver Central of?ce quality Low power consumption Microprocessor port Adjustable guard time Automatic tone burst mode Call progress mode 20-pin DIPApplications Credit card systems Paging systems ..
Model: TPS-00500
PT2262 is a remote control encoder paired with PT2272 utilizing CMOS Technology. It encodes data and address pins into a serial coded waveform suitable for RF or IR modulation. PT2262 has a maximum of 12 bits of tri-state address pins providing up to 531,441 (or 312) address codes; thereby, drastica..
Model: TPS-01063
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The SM5021A/B is a high performance infrared remote control encoder utilizing CMOS technology. Mode A is a signal-key control and mode B is a multi-key control during data transmission, supports eight data key inputs and a LED output to indicate tSM5021 FEATURES * Wide ope..
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