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Model: TPS-00028 (HSN CODE 8542)
Binary-Decade Up-Down Counter Features     Presettable Up/Down Counter which Counts in Either Binary or Decade Mode    Counter is Advanced One Count at the Positive-going Clock    Counter Counts Up or Down Depending on Up/Down Pin Input  &..
Model: TPS-01202 (HSN CODE 8504)
Jumper InductorFeatureCurrent rating: 1ACovered with Ferrite Material Pitch: 5.08mmPin count: 2..
Model: TPS-01571 (HSN CODE 85359040)
Plastic Enclosure 110x60x45 mm (with 3 pin power cable hole)Wall-mounted enclosure with door of of fibre-glass reinforced, non-saturated polyester, with mounting plate. Optionally with or without glazed door. Protection category IP 56 or IP 66. Infinite mounting plate depth adjustment, thanks to mul..
Model: TPS-MULTI22 (HSN CODE 85414020)
1 watt High Power STAR white, Red, Blue, Green, IR, UV, RGB LEDThe High Power LED is comparable in brightness with the standard incandescent and halogen light bulbs. This makes the High Power LED perfect for automotive, industrial, home and hobby applications.Not only are they bright, they also ..
Model: TPS-01658 (HSN CODE 854442)
10 core communication cable/meterRated temperature: 80℃Rated voltage: 300VSolid or stranded, tinned or bare copper conductor PVC insulation, comply with ROHS environmental standardTinned or bare copper wire braid shieldPVC jacket, comply with ROHS environmental standardApplicatio..
Model: TPS-01160 (HSN CODE 8536)
Enhance your PCB connections with our 10 Pin Box Header. Featuring a pitch of 2.54mm, this male connector is designed for right-angle mounting, optimizing space and layout efficiency. Crafted with durable materials, it ensures secure and reliable connections. Ideal for various electronic projects an..
Model: TPS-00780 (HSN CODE 8533)
Description:-color:blackResistance:10k ohmpins:10 Signal Conditioning Precision: Each resistance network in this pack boasts a 10K ohm resistance, ensuring precise signal conditioning for your electronic circuits.  10 Pin Configuration: Designed with a 10-pin configuration, these netwo..
Model: TPS-MULTI12 (HSN CODE 854442)
Cable Tie Pack of 10 PcsProduct Details:Color                        Black or Natural/WhiteLength (Select)         100mm, 150mm, 200mmMaterial                    Nylon..
103 2KV High Voltage Capacitor - Pack of 5Pcs
Model: TPS-00947 (HSN CODE 8532)
Ceramic Capacitor 103 2KV High VoltageSpecificationsModel Number: 103 2KVType: Ceramic CapacitorApplication: General PurposePackage Type: Through HoleCapacitance: 0.01UFRated Voltage: 2KVOperating Temperature: -30°C~+85°CColor: BlueProduct name: Ceramic Capacitor ..
Model: TPS-00952 (HSN CODE 8542)
Generally used for CNC Control Panel or Pendant etc.   Features Momentary action Low profile dome shape Mounting hole: 12mm Tactile Push Button: These dome switches offer a tactile feedback for a satisfying user experience. Durable Construction: Made with high-quality..
Model: TPS-00509 (HSN CODE 8542)
12 Volt PCB Mount Relay - 7 AmpControl both AC and DC applianceType: SPDTInput: 12V DCOutput250V AC - 7A125V AC - 10A28V DC - 10A..
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