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Test & Measurement Instruments

Essential tools and basic test equipment for your electronics projects.

Model: TPS-01376
8 Channel USB Logic Analyzer - 24 MHz With USB Cable FEATURESPowerful, Easy-to-use SoftwareDeep Sample BuffersHighly Portable, USB Attached24 Included Protocol AnalyzersAutomation APICustom Protocol Decoder Plugin APIEdge and Pulse Width TriggeringProtocol Result Filter and SearchMeasurements, Bookm..
Model: TPS-01031
ALTERA USB Blaster Rev. CDescription:ALTERA USB ByteBlasterUSB interfaceUSB cable with 500mA self-healing fuse protectionFast download speedAS, PS, and JTAG download2 power and act indicator lampsSignalTap II embedded lo..
Model: TPS-00807
Analog Multimeter leadsProduct featuresBody Made of PVC/nylon; brass, nickel-plated contactUL listed probe set with 2 mm diameter probe tipJust right for hand-held meter use..
Model: TPS-00623
Digital Multimeter - DT830      It is capable of measuring voltage, current, resistance, transistor, diode, and has a signal generator function. It cannot measure capacitor values. This digital meter has the ICL7106 Chip on Board (COB) package and the accuracy figures a..
Model: TPS-00807
Digital Multimeter leadsProduct featuresBody Made of PVC/nylon; brass, nickel plated contactBanana contact: phosphor bronze, nickel platedUL listed probe set with 2 mm diameter probe tipConnector is a straight/right-angle sheathed 4 mm banana plugJust right for hand-held meter use..
Electrical Tester / Screwdriver - Neon-Lamp Type
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Model: TPS-00844
Specification:Direct voltage range 100Vac - 250VacMAINS ELECTRICAL TESTERApproved neon mains test screwdriver, detects AC mains voltage via direct contact...
IR Remote Tester
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Model: TPS-00755
IR Remote TesterInput voltage: 220- 250V AC mainLed Indicator and Buzzer** Press the Remote button in front of the tester from considerable distanceThe glow of LED And/ or Sound indicates remote is ok..
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