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Buzzers,Speakers and Mic

We carry round and square speakers, solid state buzzers, and condenser microphone elements for your audio needs. 

Model: TPS-00763
ISD1820 Voice Recording & Playback ModuleIntroductionVoice Record Module is base on ISD1820, which a multiple‐message record/playback device.It can offer true single‐chip voice recording, non-volatile storage, and playback capability for 8 to 20 seconds. The sample is 3.2k and the total 20s for ..
Model: TPS-00770
This is a small Buzzer, which can be mount on PCB. It has two pins; the bigger pin should be connected to positive supply and shorter one should be connected to ground connection. Operating voltage range is 5-12V. If you provide provide square wave of 5V, it will create a good sound. ..
Piezo Buzzer 5-12V DC
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Model: TPS-00771
• Two wires, red & black.Polarity matters: black=ground• Apply an oscillating voltage tomake a noise• The buzzer case supports thepiezo element and hasresonant cavity for soundYou can get at the piezo element pretty easily.Be careful not to crack the white disc that is the actual piezoOnly take ..
Model: TPS-01871
Applications of Piezo Buzzer (B 20)16mmx22mmDIY projects.Arduino projects.Raspberry-Pi projects.Electrical/Electronic projects.Robotic projects...
Model: TPS-00769
Moving Coil Speaker (Dia 1.5 Inch)     Description:Primium Quality Speaker32 ohm - 0.25W or 8 ohm - 0.5W..
Model: TPS-01402
Feature:-Rectangular housing models feature:Appearance that complements TrueAlert strobes and speaker/strobes Red or white housings with “FIRE” lettering for surface or semi-flush wall mount Optional matching adapter skirts for covering surface mounted electrical boxes* Optional red w..
Model: TPS-01454
Speaker Rectangular is an electroacoustic transducer;which converts an electrical audio signal into a corresponding sound.Product type  :  Speaker Rectangular -5x3 Inch- 125X76mm    ..
Model: TPS-01053
A speaker(e.g., loudspeakers and tweeters) and associated electronic hardware, such as crossover circuits and, in some cases, power amplifiers, are mounted. Enclosures may range in design from simple, homemade DIY rectangular particleboard boxes to very complex, expensive computer-designed hi-fi cab..
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