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BO Motors

Hobby Geared DC BO Motors at right angle are used for creating low cost robotic learning platform.If you are a beginner in robotics, this BO motor should give you a perfect start.

Model: TPS-01868
Description Waterproof, High quality, Arduino compatible, DC geared motor can be used for making any type of robotic chassis, robotic platform, robotic or other projects. Use Motor driver (L293 or other) includes 1 Motors..
Brand: Fairchild Model: TPS-MULTI14
BO MOTORSingle Shaft Plastic Gear MotorRight angled (L type) / straight (I type)Weight 31 gms Operating Voltage - 3-9V DCCurrent consumption - 0.4-0.7A depends on loadRPM- 10, 60, 100, 150, 300 RPMRPM - Depends on applied voltageShaft diameter – 5mm with BO motor shaft style..
Model: TPS-01006
Mounting Brackets - CLAMP For BO Motor This mounting clamp can be used to mount BO type plastic gear motor onto any chasis or PCB. Few screws are required to attach BO motor to this bracket and another pair of screws are needed to mount this bracket on chasis or PCB...
Model: TPS-00559
Plastic Pulley good for thread /wire sliding , Dia 10mm..
Model: TPS-00567
WheelDia-7 cmWidth-20mmHole-6mm (Metal Bush)..
Model: TPS-00561
Description:Caster wheel - Small, 3 holes for fittings, Smooth and Excellent performance and Omni directional movement .Ideal for Micromouse, line follower robot, and various other operations.Ball size 18mm...
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