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Diodes & Rectifiers

rectifier diode lets electrical current flow in only one direction and is mainly used for power supply operation. Rectifier diodes can handle higher current flow than regular diodes and are generally used in order to change alternating current into direct current.Semiconductor supplies rectifiers, schottky diodes and rectifiers, PIN diodes, small signal switching diodes, tuning diodes, and zener diodes.

Model: TPS-01443
336B25-2.5V shunt regulator diodesDescription:These reference circuits operate as low-temperature-coefficient 2.5-V Zener diodes with a 0.2- dynamic impedance. A third terminal provided on the circuit allows the reference voltage and temperature coefficient to be trimmed easily. ..
Bridge Rectifier 1 Amp (DB107)
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Model: TPS-00903
DB107 is a 1 Amp Bridge Rectifier with forward voltage of 1.1V and 1kV reverse voltage. It is 4 Pin through hole type rectifier.Features:No. of Phases: SingleRepetitive Reverse Voltage Vrrm Max: 1000VForward Current If(AV): 1AForward Voltage VF Max: 1.1VNo. of Pins: 4Diode Mounting Type: Through Hol..
Model: TPS-00281
Bridge Rectifier 1.5 Amp (W10M)Features:No. of Phases:                                   &nb..
Bridge Rectifier 10 Amp (BR1010)
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Model: TPS-00282
Bridge Rectifier 10 Amp (BR1010)Type:                                                           Single Ph..
Model: TPS-00286
Bridge Rectifier 4 Amp (KBL04)Specifications  Type:                                                           Single Phase Bridge   &..
Bridge Rectifier 6 Amp (BR68)
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Model: TPS-00858
Features:No. of Phases: Single Repetitive Reverse Voltage Vrrm Max: 800V Forward Current If(AV): 6A Forward Voltage VF Max: 1V No. of Pins: 4 Diode Mounting Type: Through Hole..
Model: TPS-01740
Bridge Rectifier MB6SSpecificationsType:                                                            Single Ph..
Model: TPS-00283
1N4007FeaturesDiffused JunctionHigh Current Capability and Low Forward Voltage DropOutput current  - 1A (Max)Surge Overload Rating to 30A PeakLow Reverse Leakage CurrentCase: DO-41Case Material: Molded Plastic..
Model: TPS-00307
1N4148 Diode Small Signal Fast Switching Diodes1N4148 (DO-35)Features:·         Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage: 100 V·         Average Rectified Forward Current: 200 mA·       &nb..
Model: TPS-01522
1N4148 SMD  (SOD-80C)Small signal fast switching diode Features:Silicon epitaxial planar diodethe maximum reverse voltage of 75 Van average forward current of 150 mA.Power Dissipation: 500mWAverage Forward Current: 0.15A Max Applications:Extreme fast..
Model: TPS-00284
1N5408  Average Rectified Current Max 3A Forward Voltage 1V Voltage range of 50 V, RMS Voltage 35V low leakage current  low forward voltage peak forward surge current of 200A DO-201AD Package..
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