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Inductors, Coils, Chokes

Inductors are metal coils used in circuits. They are able to generate magnetic fields when they carry current. They are also able to induce magnetic fields in wires that are near them.Inductors that are used to help filter signals are called chokes.Choke circuits are formed from a single inductor or a combination of an inductor and one or more capacitors. Choke circuits are low-pass filters since they weed out high frequencies and pass lower ones through.Chokes filter out the AC ripples in power supplies to help ensure a steady DC output. Chokes are also found in circuits such as Colpitts, Hartley, and Clapp oscillators.

Model: TPS-01475
A ferrite bead or ferrite choke is a passive electric component that suppresses high frequency noise in electronic circuits. It is a specific type of electronic choke. Ferrite beads employ high frequency current dissipation in a ferrite ceramic to build high frequency noise suppression devices. Ferr..
Ferrite Bead Balun (Dia =3mm)
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Model: TPS-01258
Ferrite Bead Balun (Dia =3mm)               SpecificationsBalun ferrite core is applied to the computer, communication equipment, multi-media, automotive, green lighting, office automation, consumer's electronics such as ..
Model: TPS-00868
Ferrite Core 4 Hole Length -5mmThickness-6mmFerrite cores are used for noise suppression and the prevention of abnormal oscillation in the relatively low frequency range of tens of kHz to hundreds of MHz...
Ferrite Core 6 Hole 10X5mm Ferrite Core 6 Hole 10X5mm
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Model: TPS-01627
Ferrite Core 6 HoleLength -10mmThickness-5mm..
Ferrite Core Line Noise Suppressor ( For 6mm Dia Wire)
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Model: TPS-01111
Ferrite Core Line Noise Suppressor (For 6mm Dia Wire)Ferrite Core for 6mm diameter Cord Noise SuppressorBlack enclosed ferrite core for power cordsEasy to installHelps reduce EMI on AC power linesCable core filter will provide common-mode filtering for multi-strand cables..
Model: TPS-00598
Ferrite Drum Core (12x8x4 mm)Ferrite Drum Core For Power InductorsTotal length including top and bottom circular disc = 12mmDisc height = 2mmDiameter of coiling cylinder = 4mmHeight of coiling cylinder = 8mmPin spacing = 5mm                   ..
Model: TPS-00599
Ferrite Drum Core - 15x10x5mmFerrite Drum Core for Power InductorsTotal length including top and bottom circular disc = 15mmDisc height = 2mmDiameter of coiling cylinder = 5mmHeight of coiling cylinder = 10mmPin spacing = 5mm          ..
Model: TPS-01544
Ferrite R-Core 10x4mmFerrite R-CoreLength -10mmThickness-4mm..
Ferrite R-Core 13x4mm Ferrite R-Core 13x4mm
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Model: TPS-01666
Ferrite R-Core 13x4mmFerrite R-CoreLength -13mmThickness-4mm..
Ferrite Screw 5X3mm 1mm pitch - Pack of 5Pcs
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Model: TPS-01548
Ferrite Screw 5X3mm 1mm pitch Product type: Ferrite Screw 5X3mm 1mm pitch    Best in class product...
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