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LCD, LED Displays and Drivers

Liquid Crystal Displays with and without led backlights using standard parallel or serial interfaces. TFT and graphic displays. VGA, LED and accessories.carries a full line of Light Emitting Diode (LED) accessories and parts. Whether your project calls for infrared LEDs, LED displays, high power LEDs, a flashing LED kit, or a 7-segment LED

Model: TPS-MULTI06
FEATURES: Datasheet :• Type: Character• Display format: 40 x 4 characters• Built-in controller: ST 7066 (or equivalent)• Duty cycle: 1/16• 5 x 8 dots includes cursor• + 5 V power supply (also available for + 3 V)• LED can be driven by pin 1, pin..
Model: TPS-MULTI106
LED -8mm ClearColor: Red, White, Blue..
Model: TPS-MULTI64
LED -10mm Round Shape ClearFeatureOperating voltage: 2.7- 3.3VCurrent consumption: 20mA (Max)Color: Red, Green, YellowPitch: 2.54mm..
Model: TPS-MULTI53
LED -5mm Diffused Oval Shape Feature Operating voltage: 3.0- 3.3VCurrent consumption: 20mA (Max)Color: Red, Green, white, BluePitch:2.54mm  General Information 5mm LEDs Wavelength and Color Chart Color Nanometers UV 351-400 ..
Brand: Generic Model: TPS-MULTI22
1 watt High Power STAR white, Red, Blue, Green, IR, UV, RGB LEDThe High Power LED is comparable in brightness with the standard incandescent and halogen light bulbs. This makes the High Power LED perfect for automotive, industrial, home and hobby applications.Not only are they bright, they also ..
LED Bar Graph 10 Segment LED Bar Graph 10 Segment
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Model: TPS-MULTI16
Features Excellent on/off contrastEnd stackableMechanically ruggedGray face; white segmentForward Voltage 2.2-2.5VForward current   10-20mA Applications: Suitable for level indicatorsVarious in color combinations..
Model: TPS-MULTI50
Alphanumeric LED DisplayOperating voltage – 5 -9V with current limiting resistanceLed color – RedNo of pins (see image)image..
Model: TPS-01901
DescriptionTwo Pin Led holdersize- For 3mm LedMetal Cap..
Model: TPS-01224
Lens and Holder for 1W 3W bead LEDLens Angle:         30 degree LENS Diameter:     20mm Holder Diameter:  22mm LENS Height:         8mm Holder Height:      13mmMat..
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