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HAM Radio Related Items

Microwave transistors, Vacuum Capacitors, RF Amplifiers/modules and military radio spare parts.

Model: TPS-01544
Ferrite R-Core 10x4mm Ferrite R-CoreLength -10mmThickness-4mm..
Model: TPS-01666
Ferrite R-Core 13x4mmFerrite R-CoreLength -13mmThickness-4mm..
Model: TPS-01437
Ferrite R-CoreLength -15mmThickness-5mm..
Model: TPS-01548
Ferrite Screw 5X3mm 1mm pitch Product type: Ferrite Screw 5X3mm 1mm pitch    Best in class product...
Model: TPS-01460
Plastic Bobbin For Power Inductors -Core Dia=4mm Length -10mmThickness-4mmThe design, but cost considerations won’t be far behind. The lowest cost core and bobbin combination with the widest availability are based on the square stack lamination sizes. ..
Model: TPS-MULTI32
An inductor, also called a coil or reactor, is a passive two-terminal electrical component that stores electrical energy in a magnetic field when electric current is flowing through it. An inductor typically consists of an electric conductor, such as a wire, that is wound into a coil...
Model: TPS-MULTI59
In electronics, a choke is an inductor used to block higher-frequency alternating current (AC) in an electrical circuit, while passing lower-frequency or direct current (DC). A choke usually consists of a coil of insulated wire often wound on a magnetic core, although some consist of a doughnut-shap..
Model: TPS-01425
Insulation Slipminimum length 1 meter Diameter Available: 5mm..
Model: TPS-00763
ISD1820 Voice Recording & Playback ModuleIntroductionVoice Record Module is base on ISD1820, which a multiple‐message record/playback device.It can offer true single‐chip voice recording, non-volatile storage, and playback capability for 8 to 20 seconds. The sample is 3.2k and the total 20s for ..
Model: TPS-01202
Jumper InductorFeatureCurrent rating: 1ACovered with Ferrite Material Pitch: 5.08mmPin count: 2..
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