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Data Converter ICs

Analog to Digital converter also called as ADC or A-D Converter or A-to-D converter is a device or a Integrated Component (IC) that converts Analog Signal (normally voltage) into corresponding digital value. This digital value is proportional to the input Analog Signal,

Digital to Analog Converter also called as DAC or D-A Converter or D-to-A Converter is a device that converts digital signal into corresponding Analog Signal. A DAC performs reverse function of ADC. Various aspect of DAC has to be considered while selecting the right one for your application.

Model: TPS-00082
Features 8-bit AccuracyRelative Accuracy: ±0.19%Fast Settling Output Current: 150nsFull Scale Error: ±1 LSBNoninverting Digital Inputs are TTL and CMOS CompatibleWide Supply Range: ±4.5V to ±18VLow Power Consumption Package Type - 16 Pin DIP..
Model: TPS-01649
Description 1. 100% Brand New and High Build Quality 2. Two selectable differential input channels 3. On-chip active low noise PGA with selectable gain of 32, 64 and 128 4. On-chip power supply regulator for load-cell and ADC analog power supply 5. On-chip oscillator requiring ..
Model: TPS-01017
Precision Waveform Generator/Voltage Controlled Oscillator Key Features Low Frequency Drift with Temperature 250ppm/oCLow Distortion 1%(Sine Wave Output)High Linearity 0.1%(Triangle Wave Output)Wide Frequency Range 0.001Hz to 300kHzVariable Duty Cycle 2%to 98%High Level Outputs TTL to 28VSimul..
LM2917 - Frequency to Voltage Converter
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Model: TPS-00668
LM2917 - Frequency to Voltage Converter Features Input voltage 0 Vmin - 28 VmaxOutput sink current 50 mAGround Referenced Tachometer Input Interfaces Directly With Variable Reluctance Magnetic PickupsOp Amp/Comparator Has Floating Transistor Output50 mA Sink or Sourc..
Model: TPS-00130
TPS-00130        MAX232-SMD MAX232x Dual EIA-232 Drivers/Receivers   Operates from a Single 5-V Power Supply With 1.0-µF Charge-Pump CapacitorsOperates up to 120kbitsTwo Drivers and Two Receivers+-30V Input LevelsLow supply current 8mA Typical &nbs..
MAX485 SMD Package - RS-485-RS-422 Transceiver
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Model: TPS-00680
MAX485 (SMD Package) - RS-485/RS-422 TransceiverDevice Type: Transceiver  No. of Drivers: 1  Supply Voltage Range: 4.75V to 5.25V  Driver Case Style: SOIC  No. of Pins: 8  Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C  Base ..
Model: TPS-00121
Features • Internal Reference with Low Temperature Drift: - TC7106/TC7107: 80 ppm/°C (Typical) - TC7106A/TC7107A: 20 ppm/°C (Typical) • Drives LCD (TC7106) or LED (TC7107)   Display Directly • Zero Reading with Zero Input • Low Noise for Stable Display • Auto-Zero Cycle ..
PCF8591 - 8-bit ADC Analog-to-Digital and DAC Digital-to-Analog Converter
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Model: TPS-01350
Features Single power supplyOperating supply voltage 2.5 V to 6.0 VLow standby currentSerial input and output via I2C-busI2C address selection by 3 hardware address pinsMax sampling rate given by I2C-bus speed4 analog inputs configurable as single ended or differential inputsAuto-incremented chan..
Model: TPS-01226
Features Complete Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) Power-Control CircuitryUncommitted Outputs for Single-Ended or Push-Pull Applications8 mA (TYP) Standby Current Package Type – 16 Pin DIP..
Model: TPS-01016
Features 8.0 V to 35 V Operation5.1 V±1.0% Trimmed Reference100 Hz to 400 kHz Oscillator RangeSeparate Oscillator Sync PinAdjustable Dead time ControlInput Under voltage LockoutLatching PWM to Prevent Multiple PulsesPulse–by–Pulse ShutdownDual Source/Sink Outputs: ±400 mA Peak Package Type –16..
UM3561 UMC- Three Siren Sound Generator
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Model: TPS-00131
Features Four sounds can be selectedPower on reset.Typical 3V operating voltageA magnetic speaker can bedriven by connecting 8-pin DIP package forman NPN transistor..
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