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Model: TPS-00710
Mono Jack - 6.3mm (Plastic Body Plug) Almost all electric guitars use a  1⁄4 in mono jack (socket) as their output connector. Some makes (such as Shergold) use a stereo jack instead for stereo output, or a second stereo jack, in addition to a mono jack (as with Rickenbacker)...
Model: TPS-00232
Features2 Pencil Cell Holder(WHITE ) (for AA size) Available with printed circuit pins or wire leads for easy yet reliable connectionsNylon offers twice the overall strength of PPSignificantly higher impact resistanceBetter overall temperature rangeUL94-V-0 flammability ratingP..
Model: TPS-01411
4 Pencil Cell Holder(AA size) is basically acting as storage from where power or energy can be transferred to the kit in which it is attached.Features of 4 AA Battery Holder:Easy to use.Easy to interface.Good Quality Plastic.Application of 4 AA Battery Holder:It is used to hold the battery for secur..
Model: TPS-00237
6 Pencil Cell Holder (for AA size)     Description:6xAA Battery holder for AA Size 1.2/1.5v cellIt provides 9v power supply to your project. It is low-cost solution against other batteries available. For higher power, High current rating rechargeable cell can be ..
Model: TPS-01003
Product name:  RCA Jack - Female..
Model: TPS-01004
Product name:  RCA Jack - Female..
Model: TPS-01432
Typically used for analog signals, primarily audio...
Model: TPS-MULTI35
Male TypePitch - 2.54mm/2mmStraight - 40x1, 40x2Right Angled - 40x1, 40x2Female TypePitch - 2.54mm/2mmStraight - 40x1,  32x1 machined..
Model: TPS-01827
USB Female-A Plug Connector To 4 Pin- Relimate Connectors Cable..
Model: TPS-01405
product type  :  USB Standard-A Plug Connector - Cable Mount    ..
Model: TPS-00933
USB Type B connectors, officially referred to as Standard-B connectors, are square in shape with either a slight rounding or large square protrusion on the top, depending on the USB version.USB Type-B connectors are supported in every USB version, including USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and USB 1.1. A second..
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