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Communication Modules

Communication Modules

GPS Satellite Receiver units outputing standard NMEA signals. Add Satellite postioning to your project. Easy to integrate they just need a serial UART port.

A GSM modem is a wireless modem that works with GSM networks.A GPRS modem is a GSM modem with additional support for GPRS technology for data transmission.

GPRS means: 'General Packet Radio Service'. It is based on a packet-switched technology, as an extension to GSM (note thatGSM is a circuit-switched). An advantage of GPRS over GSM is that GPRS has a much higher data transmission speed.GPRS can be used as the bearer of SMS. If SMS over GPRS is used, an SMS transmission speed of about 30 SMS messages per minute may be achieved. This is much faster than SMS over GSM. 

Model: TPS-00643 (HSN CODE8542)
Specification:Product name: T5577 cardThe chip type: T5577Storage capacity: 330 bitsWorking frequency: 125 KHZCommunication rate: 9600 bondsReading distance: 5-10 cmReading and writing time: 67 msWorking temperature: - 20 to 55 degree deErasable life: > 100000 timesData storage: 10 yearsDimension..
Model: TPS-00644 (HSN CODE 8542)
RFID EM 18 Reader board (Not include EM18 module)Sounds Beep after sucessful reads.LED indicators for power and reading display.5V operated.9600 Baud rate.(Not include EM18 module)..
RFID Reader - EM-18- 125kHz Module
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Model: TPS-00558
This module directly connects to any microcontroller UART or through a RS232 converter to PC.It gives UART/Wiegand26 output. This RFID Reader Module works with any 125 KHz RFID tags Specifications 5VDC through USB (External 5V supply will boost range of the module)Current: <50mAOperatin..
RFID Reader Board -EM-18 with Serial-RS232 out
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Model: TPS-00962
RFID Tag reader is operated at 125 KHz with serial and Wiegand26output format. An on board switch is provided to select output format. This isa low frequency (125Khz) RFID Reader Serial Out with a range of 8-10 cm. It is acompact units with built in antenna and can be directly connected to the PCusi..
RFID Reader Board 125kHz Module - USB out
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Model: TPS-01455
     RFID Reader Board 125kHz Module - USB out    Both USB and TTL out options Product Type  :  RFID Reader Board 125kHz Module - USB out..
Model: TPS-01791 (HSN CODE 8542)
This RFID tag comes in a key chain package, which is commonly used in Access Control, Presence Sensing etc. This RFID tag operates in 125KHz RF range and have a 32 bit unique ID which is not re-programmable. Works with EM-18 RFID Reader Module. EM4100 Family Passive RFID Tag.Features• Works with mos..
SIM300 GSM-GPRS Modem with Serial Interface
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Model: TPS-00619
This is a plug and play GSM Modem with a simple to interface serial interface. Use it to send SMS, make and receive calls, and do other GSM operations by controlling it through simple AT commands from micro controllers and computers. It uses the highly popular SIM300 module for all its operations. I..
Model: TPS-01875 (HSN CODE 8542)
the SIM800A Quad-Band GSM/GPRS Module with RS232 Interface is a complete Quad-band GSM/GPRS solution in an LGA(Land grid array) type which can be embedded in the customer applications. SIM800A support Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, it can transmit Voice, SMS, and data information with low ..
Model: TPS-01072 (HSN CODE 8542)
SIM900A - GSM/ GPRS Modem - RS232 / TTL Interface This low cost GSM/GPRS Modem is built with Dual Band GSM/GPRS engine- SIM900A, works on frequencies  900/ 1800 MHz. The Modem comes with RS232 as well as  Serial TTL interface,which allows you connect PC as well as microcontr..
Model: TPS-01889 (HSN CODE 8542)
Zigbee - XBEE Module
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Model: TPS-00647
Product Description:XBee modules are ideal for applications requiring low latency and predictable communication timing. Providing quick, robust communication in point-to-point, peer-to-peer, and multipoint/star configurations, XBee products enable robust end-point connectivity with ease. XBee RF mod..
Zigbee - XBEE- Transceiver - USB Interface Module
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Model: TPS-01137
@page { margin: 2cm } p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120% } XBEE USB Breakout Board Compatible for Xbee and Tarang series also USB Powerd FT232RL Virtual Com port based Simple to use, USB to serial base unit for the XBee line All XBee pins broken..
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