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ATmega328-PU Microcontroller with Arduino UNO Bootloader

ATmega328-PU Microcontroller with Arduino UNO Bootloader
ATmega328-PU Microcontroller with Arduino UNO Bootloader


  •  High Performance, Low Power Atmel®AVR® 8-Bit Microcontroller Family
  •  Advanced RISC Architecture
  •  131 Powerful Instructions – Most Single Clock Cycle Execution
  •  32 x 8 General Purpose Working Registers
  •  Fully Static Operation
  •  Up to 20 MIPS Throughput at 20MHz
  •  On-chip 2-cycle Multiplier
  •  High Endurance Non-volatile Memory Segments
  •  4/8/16/32KBytes of In-System Self-Programmable Flash program memory
  •  256/512/512/1KBytes EEPROM
  •  512/1K/1K/2KBytes Internal SRAM
  •  Write/Erase Cycles: 10,000 Flash/100,000 EEPROM
  •  Data retention: 20 years at 85?C/100 years at 25?C(1)
  •  Optional Boot Code Section with Independent Lock Bits
  •  In-System Programming by On-chip Boot Program
  •  True Read-While-Write Operation
  •  Programming Lock for Software Security
  •  Atmel® QTouch® library support
  •  Capacitive touch buttons, sliders and wheels
  •  QTouch and QMatrix® acquisition
  •  Up to 64 sense channels
  •  Peripheral Features
  •  Two 8-bit Timer/Counters with Separate Prescaler and Compare Mode
  •  One 16-bit Timer/Counter with Separate Prescaler, Compare Mode, and
  • Capture Mode
  •  Real Time Counter with Separate Oscillator
  •  Six PWM Channels
  •  8-channel 10-bit ADC in TQFP and QFN/MLF package
  •  Temperature Measurement
  •  6-channel 10-bit ADC in PDIP Package
  •  Temperature Measurement
  •  Programmable Serial USART
  •  Master/Slave SPI Serial Interface
  •  Byte-oriented 2-wire Serial Interface (Philips I2C compatible)
  •  Programmable Watchdog Timer with Separate On-chip Oscillator
  •  On-chip Analog Comparator
  •  Interrupt and Wake-up on Pin Change
  • ATmega48A/PA/88A/PA/168A/PA/328/P
  • ]TEEHSATAD[ P/823/AP/A861/AP/A88/AP/A84agemTA2
  • Atmel-8271I-AVR- ATmega-Datasheet_10/2014
  •  Special Microcontroller Features
  •  Power-on Reset and Programmable Brown-out Detection
  •  Internal Calibrated Oscillator
  •  External and Internal Interrupt Sources
  •  Six Sleep Modes: Idle, ADC Noise Reduction, Power-save, Power-down, Standby, and Extended Standby
  •  I/O and Packages
  •  23 Programmable I/O Lines
  •  28-pin PDIP, 32-lead TQFP, 28-pad QFN/MLF and 32-pad QFN/MLF
  •  Operating Voltage:
  •  1.8 - 5.5V
  •  Temperature Range:
  •  -40?C to 85?C
  •  Speed Grade:
  •  0 - 4MHz@1.8 - 5.5V, 0 - 10MHz@2.7 - 5.5.V, 0 - 20MHz @ 4.5 - 5.5V
  •  Power Consumption at 1MHz, 1.8V, 25?C
  •  Active Mode: 0.2mA
  •  Power-down Mode: 0.1µA
  •  Power-save Mode: 0.75µA (Including 32kHz RTC)

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