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Here are a few ESP32 code projects that you can explore:

  1. Wi-Fi Weather Station: Build a weather station using ESP32 that connects to the internet and retrieves weather information. Display the data on an LCD or OLED screen.

  2. Home Automation: Create an ESP32-based home automation system to control lights, appliances, and other devices remotely using Wi-Fi and MQTT.

  3. Internet Radio: Build an internet radio using ESP32 and connect it to popular streaming services or radio stations. Control the radio using buttons or a web interface.

  4. Bluetooth-based Door Lock: Design a smart door lock system using ESP32 and Bluetooth. Use a mobile app to unlock the door wirelessly.

  5. Wireless Sensor Network: Develop a wireless sensor network using multiple ESP32 nodes. Each node collects sensor data and transmits it to a central hub for monitoring and analysis.

  6. Security Camera: Build a security camera using ESP32 and a camera module. Stream the video feed over Wi-Fi and enable features like motion detection and remote access.

  7. MQTT Data Logger: Create an ESP32-based data logger that collects sensor data and publishes it to an MQTT broker. Use this setup for monitoring and recording environmental variables.

  8. Voice Assistant: Develop a voice-controlled assistant using ESP32 and services like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Interact with the assistant to control devices or perform tasks.

  9. Remote-controlled Car: Build an ESP32-powered remote-controlled car. Control the car's movement using a smartphone app or a web interface.

  10. ESP32 Web Server: Set up an ESP32 as a web server to host a website or a web application. Implement features like controlling devices, displaying sensor data, or interacting with users.

15 Sep IoT Ambient Humidity and Temperature logger
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#include #include #include #include #define WIFI_SSID "Your WiFi SSID"#define WIFI_PASSWORD "Your WiFi Password"#define DHT_PIN 4#define DHT_TYPE DHT11const char* server = "YourServerAddress";const in..
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