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Soil Moisture Sensor Hygrometer

Soil Moisture Sensor Hygrometer
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Soil Moisture Sensor Hygrometer
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  • Model: TPS-01894
  • Weight: 50.00g
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Soil Hygrometer Humidity & Soil Moisture Detection Sensor

Product Description

This is a simple sensor that can be used to detect soil moisture/ relative humidity within the soil The module 

is able to detect when the soil is too dry or wet. Great for use with automatic plant watering systems


Sensitivity is adjustable via the blue digital potentiometer

Operating voltage 3.3V-5V

Module dual output mode: digital output or analog output giving more accuracy

Has pre-drilled hole for easy installation

Small board PCB size: 3cm * 1.6cm

Power indicator (red) and digital switching output indicator (green)

Uses the LM393 comparator chip


VCC connect to 3.3V-5V

GND connect to GND

D0 digital value output connector(0 OR 1)

A0 analog value output connector

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