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336B25-2.5V Shunt Regulator Diodes

336B25-2.5V Shunt Regulator Diodes
Tags: Diode
336B25-2.5V Shunt Regulator Diodes
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  • Model: TPS-01443 (HSN CODE 8542)
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336B25-2.5V shunt regulator diodes


These reference circuits operate as low-temperature-coefficient 2.5-V Zener diodes with a 0.2- dynamic impedance. A third terminal provided on the circuit allows the reference voltage and temperature coefficient to be trimmed easily.



  • Low-Temperature Coefficient
  • Wide Operating Current...400 µA to 10 mA
  • 0.27- Dynamic Impedance
  • ±1% Tolerance Available
  • Specified Temperature Stability

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