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SM5021 and SM5032 IR Remote Decode/encoder

SM5021 and SM5032 IR Remote Decode/encoder
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SM5021 and SM5032 IR Remote Decode/encoder
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  • Model: TPS-01063
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The SM5021A/B is a high performance infrared remote control encoder utilizing CMOS technology. Mode A is a signal-key control and mode B is a multi-key control during data transmission, supports eight data key inputs and a LED output to indicate t


* Wide operation voltage range, 2.4V to 6V

* Eight data key control

* Option of signal-key or multi-key control

* Two custom codes to separate products

* Auto power off for saving power

* LED output to indicate transmission status

* Direct infrared LED 38KHz modulation output

* Low power consumption

* Paired with SM5032 decoder

* 16 pin DIP package

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