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Resistance Network 10K ohm - 9 Pin - Pack of 5pcs

Resistance Network 10K ohm - 9 Pin - Pack of 5pcs
Resistance Network 10K ohm - 9 Pin - Pack of 5pcs


Resistor Network is a passive circuit element that is a combination of multiple resistances in series. We may consider the SIL-Packaged Resistors as a time-saving alternative for individual resistors connected in series.

The Resistor Network shown in the above picture is a Single In-Line component which is an 8 individual 10K Ohm resistors that share a common terminal on pin 9.


In a network, we connect a digital gate to each of the voltage points. When an analog signal is applied, the dividing of the voltage will give a series of one and zeroes. Now the digital gates inject ones and zeroes into the points between the resistors in the network (The Resistor Network comes into play now). This causes the total voltage drop across the resistors in the network to vary proportionally to the overall input, instead of simply turning on and off with the individual digital inputs.

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