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PL2303HX USB-to-Serial Bridge Controller - Reliable Serial Communication Interface for Electronics

PL2303HX USB-to-Serial Bridge Controller - Reliable Serial Communication Interface for Electronics
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  • Model: TPS-00793 (HSN CODE 8542)
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Fully Compliant with USB Specification v2.0 (Full-Speed)

On Chip USB 1.1 transceiver, 5V->3.3V regulator

On-chip 96MHz clock generator

Supports RS-422/RS-485 like serial interface (TXD, DTR_N, and RTS_N pins should be externally pulled-up to 5V)

Supports RS232-like Serial Interface

Full-duplex transmitter and receiver (TXD and RXD)

     Six MODEM control pins (RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCD, and RI)

     5, 6, 7 or 8 data bits

Odd, Even, Mark, Space, or None parity mode

One, one and a half, or two stop bits

Parity error, frame error, and serial break detection

Programmable baud rate from 75 bps to 12M bps

External RS232 driver power down control

Independent power source for serial interface

Extensive Flow Control Mechanism

Adjustable high/low watermark level

Automatic hardware flow control with CTS/RTS or DSR/DTR

Automatic software flow control with XON/XOFF

Inbound data buffer overflow detection

Configurable 512-byte bi-directional data buffer

256-byte outbound buffer and 256-byte inbound buffer; or

128-byte outbound buffer and 384-byte inbound buffer

Supports remote wake-up from MODEM input signals

Four (4) General Purpose I/O (GP0, GP1, GP2,& GP3) pins & Four (4) Auxiliary General

Purpose I/O (RI_N, DSR_N, DCD_N, & CTS_N) pins.

On-chip OTP (One Time Programming) ROM for startup device configurations

Hardware backward compatible with PL-2303H

Provides drivers support for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and WinCE

Windows XP Certified Logo Drivers

(x86 driver only)

Windows Vista Certified Logo Drivers

(x86 and x64 drivers)

USB-IF Logo Compliant with TID 40000100

Small footprint 28-pin SSOP  package


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