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General Purpose Perforated PCB Board

General Purpose Perforated PCB Board
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  • Model: TPS-MULTI30 (HSN CODE 8542)
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General Purpose Perforated PCB


This is a good quality Dot Matrix PCB board. It is also known as Perforated Board. This board can be used to quickly build and test circuit boards for testing and prototyping purposed or maybe for making breakout boards. This board is made of high-quality phenolic laminate and has holes drilled at the standard spacing of 0.1" (2.54 mm).


  • A square grid of 2.54 mm (0.1 in) spacing.
  • Round or square copper pads electrically isolated
  • Pads on Single Side     
  • Material: Paper Phenolic 
  • Suitable for DIP packages
  • Size available 3X2, 4X3, 4X4, 6X4 OR 5X3.5 Square inches


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