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LM2596T ADJ Switching Regulators

LM2596T ADJ Switching Regulators
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LM2596T ADJ Switching Regulators
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  • Model: TPS-01099
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LM2596T ADJ Switching Regulators

3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator


  •  Adjustable Output Versions
  • Adjustable Version Output Voltage Range, 1.2V to 37V ±4% Max Over Line and Load Conditions
  • Available in TO-220 and TO-263 Packages
  • Ensured 3A Output Load Current
  • Input Voltage Range Up to 40V
  • Requires Only 4 External Components
  • Excellent Line and Load Regulation Specifications
  • 150 kHz Fixed Frequency Internal Oscillator
  • TTL Shutdown Capability
  • Low Power Standby Mode, IQ Typically 80 μA
  • High Efficiency
  • Uses Readily Available Standard Inductors
  • Thermal Shutdown and Current Limit Protection

5-Lead TO-220 Package


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