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Ferrite Bead Balun (Dia =3mm)

Ferrite Bead Balun (Dia =3mm)
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Ferrite Bead Balun (Dia =3mm)

Ferrite Bead Balun (Dia =3mm)               


Balun ferrite core is applied to the computer, communication equipment, multi-media, automotive, green lighting, office automation, consumer's electronics such as TV, VTR and audio sets, industrial automation equipment and various kinds of electronic instruments and more.

Size: 13X6X7mm (LXBXH)

Hole diameter: 3-4mm 

Ferrite beads have been used by Hams for quite a few years to “Eliminate” the RF off of computer cables and other lines. Ferrite beads over coax also make an effective 1:1 current balun by preventing the flow of RF currents along the outside of the coax shield. The bead balun amounts to one turn on the core. One advantage of the bead balun installed over coax is that the impedance of the line is not changed.

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