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Digital Multimeter - DT830

Digital Multimeter - DT830
Digital Multimeter - DT830
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Digital Multimeter - DT830
Digital Multimeter - DT830
Digital Multimeter - DT830
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  • Model: TPS-00623 (HSN CODE 8542)
  • Weight: 250.00g
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Digital Multimeter - DT830    


It is capable of measuring voltage, current, resistance, transistor, diode, and has a signal generator function. It cannot measure capacitor values.


This digital meter has the ICL7106 Chip on Board (COB) package and the accuracy figures are very much the same as those for the DT830B.


This meter does not come with a service manual or instructions of any kind. Instead, the accuracy figures are on the back of the box. If you need more information regarding accuracy then please refer to the DT830B article. If you need a service manual, then I have a section on the ICL7106, which should be very useful because it has a multimeter circuit.


The LCD is nice and clear and the segments are thick enough to be legible. The contrast appears to be much better than the earlier meters. It provides an HV symbol and a negative symbol.


It has the CE mark; however, if I remember correctly, this is a self-certification logo and does not constitute any type of independent formal testing.

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