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Tags: IR , LED , Sensor
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  • Model: TPS-00628
  • Weight: 25.00g
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6 IR-Photodiode Sensors Array- for Line following robot (LFR) and micro-mouse robot
 (Digital out, Independent Manual Adjustable)

  • Ideal for LFR (line-follower Robot)
  • obstacles avoiding robots
  • obstacles chasing robot
  • side wall sensor
  • maze solving robots
  • Works on any surface Black/White Painted etc.

Special : Output Indicator LED for each Sensor signals
                                  It Gives “HIGH” on detecting White/Light color surface
             If you turn Pot (Blue&White color) in Anti-Clockwise:Sensitivity will Increase

Download Manual From Here


Pin No 1= Sensor-1 Signal Out
Pin No 2= Sensor-2 Signal Out

Pin No 3= Sensor-3 Signal Out
Pin No 4= Sensor-4 Signal Out

Pin No 5= Sensor-5 Signal Out
Pin No 6= Sensor-6 Signal Out

Pin No 7= Not Connected
Pin No 8= Not Connected

Pin No 9= Ground (-)
Pin No 10= +5V Vcc

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