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Model: TPS-01262
5mW Red Dot Laser DiodedescriptionLight power: 5mW Transmit power: 58mWSupply Voltage: 2.7- 5V DCOperating Current: 40mA..
Model: TPS-01872
Product description Module description:1. the module can be high or low by a jumper setting trigger;2. fault-tolerant design, even if the control line is broken, the relay will not operate;3. the power indicat..
Model: TPS-MULTI19
5x7 LED Dot Matrix Display Character height: 1.24"Illuminated color: GreenArray polarity: 5 x 7 Anode Column, Cathode Row14-pin packageTypical operating voltage: 2.1V @ 20mATypical brightness: 4.0mcd @ 80mAWavelength: 565nmPINOUT..
Model: TPS-00541
6 IR LED/Photodiode Analog Cum Digital Sensors ArrayClick Here to Download Manual..
Model: TPS-00271
6 Pin Polarized Header Cable - Relimate Connectors     SpecificationRelimate Wired Connector6 pinspitch 2.54mmWith male headerLength - 25cm..
Model: TPS-01481
6 Pin Polarized Header Cable 2mm PitchBest in class product.Pitch 2mmType FemaleLength 6 inchessix colored wire..
Model: TPS-00673
6 Screw Terminals to 10 Pin Box Header PCB BoardDescription:6 lm35 temperature sensor to 10 pin box header converterSensor outputs are stabilized with capacitorEach screw terminal center pin is sensor output rest two are GND and VccBox header pin 9 – GNDBox header pin 10 – Vcc (5V)On board po..
Model: TPS-00628
6 IR-Photodiode Sensors Array- for Line following robot (LFR) and micro-mouse robot (Digital out, Independent Manual Adjustable)Ideal for LFR (line-follower Robot)obstacles avoiding robotsobstacles chasing robot side wall sensor maze solving robots Works on any surface Black/White Painted etc.S..
Model: TPS-01434
6.3mm Stereo Plug TO 3.5mm Stereo Jack AdapterProduct FeaturesAllows one 3.5mm stereo headphones (jack) to be plugged into the same 6.3mm (1/4in) stereo output such as headphone jacks from amplifiers, educational equipment, etc.Connectors: One 3.5mm Stereo Female to 6.3mm (1/4in) Stereo MalePro..
Model: TPS-MULTI20
It is a form of electronic display device for displaying decimal numerals that is an alternative to the more complex dot matrix displays.Product type : 6X7 Segment Display -Size 0.56 Inchsize :  0.56 Inch..
Model: TPS-01777
74HC02 - Quad 2-input NOR Gate DIPFeaturesFour Independent NOR Gates Standard Pin Configuration Also Available in SMD Type Operating Temperature to 70oC High-Speed CMOS Type Typical propagation delay: 8 nsWide power supply range: 2–6V (Vcc=5v)Low quiescent supply current: 20 µA maximumLow input curr..
Model: TPS-01506
74HC112N Dual JK flip-flop with set and reset; negative-edge trigger16 PIN DIP..
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