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1 Watt LED with Star PCB Heat Sink - High-Intensity Illumination Solution for Precision Lighting Applications

1 Watt LED with Star PCB Heat Sink - High-Intensity Illumination Solution for Precision Lighting Applications
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1 watt High Power STAR white, Red, Blue, Green, IR, UV, RGB LED

The High Power LED is comparable in brightness with the standard incandescent and halogen light bulbs. This makes the High Power LED perfect for automotive, industrial, home and hobby applications.Not only are they bright, they also consume a fraction of power of an incandescent bulb making them extremely energy efficient.

  • High-intensity 1 Watt LED with star PCB heat sink for efficient heat dissipation
  • Provides bright illumination for various lighting applications with precision
  • Integrated heat sink design ensures optimal thermal management for prolonged LED lifespan
  • Ideal for architectural lighting, signage, accent lighting, and DIY projects
  • Low power consumption for energy-efficient operation
  • Compact size and lightweight design for easy installation and versatility
  • Long-lasting performance with a reliable LED chip and robust heat sink construction
  • Wide operating temperature range for adaptable use in different environmental conditions
  • Simplifies installation with solderless connections for hassle-free setup
  • Trusted quality and performance for professional and hobbyist applications

LED Color
Blue Blue LED • Intensity: 14 lumen • Colour Freq: 470nm • Viewing Angle: 120º • Voltage: 3.2v-4.0v • Typical: 3.4v • Current: 350mA
Green Green LED • Intensity: 45 lumen • Colour Freq: 520nm • Viewing Angle: 120º • Voltage: 3.2v-4.0v • Typical: 3.5v • Current: 350mA
Infrared IR LED • Intensity: 65-80mW • Colour Freq: 940nm • Viewing Angle: 120º • Voltage: 1.5v-1.7v • Typical: 1.6v • Current: 350mA • 500mA Pulse
Red Red LED • Intensity: 30 lumen • Colour Freq: 625nm • Viewing Angle: 120º • Voltage: 1.5v-2.5v • Typical: 2.2v • Current: 350mA
RGB RGB LED • Intensity & Colour Freq: • Red: 55 lumen (620nm) • Green: 80 lumen (520nm) • Blue: 30 lumen (460nm) • Viewing Angle: 140º • Voltage: • Red: 2.0-2.4v (2.2v) • Green: 3.0-3.4v (3.2v) • Blue: 3.0-3.4v (3.2v) • Current: 350mA
Ultraviolet UV LED • Intensity: 7-12 lumen • Colour Freq: 400-410nm • Viewing Angle: 140º • Voltage: 3.2v-3.6v • Typical: 3.2v • Current: 350mA
White 1 watt High Power STAR white LED • Intensity 68 lumen • Colour Freq 6000K • Viewing Angle 110º • Voltage: 3.0v-3.5v • Typical: 3.2v • Current: 350mA

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