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Model: TPS-00703
2 Pin Polarized Header Cable to 9V Battery Connector 2 Pin Polarized Header pitch 2.54mm Cable length 9-12 inches ..
2 Pin Power Cord main lead (Mains Cable) 2 Pin Power Cord main lead (Mains Cable)
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Model: TPS-00280
Description:Replacement Power Cord for AC electrical appliancesLength 1.8mfully mounted main Leads5mm Round leads (Indian style) ..
Model: TPS-00233
2 Pin Screw TerminalsPitch 5.08 mmRating 250V, 6 – 10ATerminal can accept 30 to 18 AWG wirePin thickness 1.1mm tinned nickel plated..
2 Pin Screw Terminal to DC Jack Adapter
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Model: TPS-01425
2 Pin Screw Terminals to DC Jack AdapterAdapts a 5.5 × 2.1 mm DC barrel plugScrew terminals spaced approximately 5.08 mm (pitch)The terminals are labeled positive and negative,The positive terminal connected to the center contact of DC jack...
Model: TPS-01430
2 RCA Socket to 6.3mm Mono Jack Plug, Stereo Mini Headphone 6.3mm Jack Plug 2 RCA Phono Sockets Audio Adapter Weight- 0.01 kgProduct type - Plugs and ConnectorsType - adapterConnector 1 - 6.3 mm jackGender of connector 1- malePoles of connector 1- 2Connector 2- RCA..
Model: TPS-01438
2 Way Signal Aerial Coaxial F Splitter Description:Accurately split your cable TV and antenna signal. It is designed for even distribution of CATV signals. Compatible with regular Cable TV or TV antenna RF signals. Zinc die-cast housing, nickel-plated Screening factor: 5-1000MHz≥100dB Low inser..
2-22 pf Variable Capacitor -Trimmer
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Model: TPS-00810
2-22 pf Variable Capacitor –Trimmer Through –hole mounted trimmer capacitor, adjustable between 2 and 22pfHeight- 9.5mmDiameter – 7.5mmPitch – 7.5mm   ..
Model: TPS-00633
Description: Wireless RF Module CC2500 2.4GHz options is suitable for delivering clear channel assessment, data buffering, wake on radio, burst transmissions, link quality indication. Further, it comes with option of Manchester coding of data stream by modulator and decoded by demodulator. Some..
Model: TPS-01892
large touchscreen display shield with built in microSD card connectionTFT display 2.4 INCH, bright 4 white-LED backlight and colorful 18-bit 262,000 different shades240—320 pixels with individual pixel controlIt has way more resolution than a black and white 128—64 displayA resistive touch screen ca..
Model: TPS-01423
2.5mm Stereo Plug (male) TO 3.5mm Stereo Jack Adapter (female), Audio Conversion Adapter Plug..
Model: TPS-01824
20W High Power White LED With HeatsinkHeatsink Size - 84mmx66mmX16mm Forward Voltage: DC 12 V DCColor: Cool WhiteModel: 20W..
Model: TPS-00714
220V Indicator Pilot Lamp / Light (Plastic body)..
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