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Diodes & Rectifiers

rectifier diode lets electrical current flow in only one direction and is mainly used for power supply operation. Rectifier diodes can handle higher current flow than regular diodes and are generally used in order to change alternating current into direct current.Semiconductor supplies rectifiers, schottky diodes and rectifiers, PIN diodes, small signal switching diodes, tuning diodes, and zener diodes.

Model: TPS-00799
SpecificationsAttributeValueMaximum Continuous Forward Current2ADiode ConfigurationSingleNumber of Elements per Chip1Peak Reverse Repetitive Voltage1000VMounting TypeThrough HolePackage TypeDO-15Diode TypeSilicon JunctionDiode TechnologySilicon JunctionPin Count2Maximum Forward Voltage Drop1.1VLengt..
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FGA15N120 1200V NPT Trench IGBT Transistor (Replacement for Induction Cooktop)
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Model: TPS-01854
FeaturesHigh Voltage IGBT with low saturation voltageCollector-Emitter Voltage (VCE): 1200VCollector Current (IC): 30A @25°C..
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H20R1203 Induction Cooker high Power Tube IGBT
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Model: TPS-01860
Product descriptionPackage:TO-247Model Number H20R1203 Application:Induction cooker high power tube IGBT  ..
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Model: TPS-00097
LM336 - 2.5V - Voltage Reference DiodeFeaturesReference VoltageVO           2.5VVO Adj (Min) 2.5VVO Adj (Max) 2.5VInitial Accuracy (Max) (%) 4/2Temp Coeff (Max) (ppm/ degree C) 20Operating Temperatur..
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Model: TPS-00664
LM385 - 1.2V - Micropower Voltage Reference DiodeFeatures:Operating current range 10uA to 20mAVery low Power consumptionReference Voltage 1.2VPackage Type - TO-92 ..
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MV209 26−32 pF Variable Capacitance Diodes (Epicap Diode)
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Model: TPS-01184
  Designed for general frequency control and tuning applications; providing solid−state reliability in replacement of mechanical tuning methods.Features:• High Q with Guaranteed Minimum Values at VHF Frequencies• Controlled and Uniform Tuning Ratio• Available in Surface Mount Package• Pb−Free P..
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Model: TPS-00308
B204B / BB204B - VHF Variable Capacitance Double Diode.VR - Continuous reverse voltage - 30V  maxIF  - Continuous forward current – 100mA  maxTypical values of Philips BB204B Varicap 0.5V : 62 pF 1.0V : 52 pF 2.0V : 45 pF 3.0V : 37 pF 5.0V : 30 pF ..
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Model: TPS-00916
General Data Applicable to all series in this group. 500 MilliwattHermetically SealedGlass Silicon Zener Diodes Features   Complete Voltage Range - 1...
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Model: TPS-MULTI28
@page { margin: 2cm } p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120% } a:link { so-language: zxx }A Zener diode is a particular type of diode that, unlike a normal one, allows current to flow not only from its anode to its cathode, but also in the reverse direct..
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