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Misc Boards

Here you will find Breadboards, breakout boards for surface mount and other components, serial converters, voltage converters and other prototyping boards.

 8 Switches Array Module for Electronic Project,Circuit,DIY Kits  8 Switches Array Module for Electronic Project,Circuit,DIY Kits
Made in India
Model: TPS-01205
8 Switches Array Module8 individual switches On board setting for GND/Vcc Output logic (change jumper setting)Output pin in 10 PIN box header (1 to 8) PIN 9 – GND, PIN 10 – VccUse 10 PIN FRC cable for interface with TPS development Boards..
2 Channel IR Remote Control Board
Made in India Sold Out
Model: TPS-00626
IR Controlled Relay Board - 2 ChannelIt can also use to control (switch on - Off  AC or DC ) house hold power supply like fan tube light etcup to 100Watts only, also can be used in robot or other devices wireless through IR- it comes with RemoteClick Here for Manual..
2.4 GHz transceiver module - CC2500 clone ST-TR2.4D 2.4 GHz transceiver module - CC2500 clone ST-TR2.4D
Sold Out
Model: TPS-00633
Description: Wireless RF Module CC2500 2.4GHz options is suitable for delivering clear channel assessment, data buffering, wake on radio, burst transmissions, link quality indication. Further, it comes with option of Manchester coding of data stream by modulator and decoded by demodulator. Some..
5 Inch Touch Screen HDMI TFT LCD for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with Stylus Pen
Sold Out
Model: TPS-01887
HDMI DISPLAY - 5.0 INCH for Raspberry Pi800X480 PiXELXPT2046 TOUCH CONTROLLERREV.3.05-inch Resistive Touch Screen LCD Display HDMI for Raspberry Pi ..
Model: TPS-01872
Product descriptionModule description:1. the module can be high or low by a jumper setting trigger;2. fault-tolerant design, even if the control line is broken, the relay will not operate;3. the power indicat..
Model: TPS-00673
6 Screw Terminals to 10 Pin Box Header PCB BoardDescription:6 lm35 temperature sensor to 10 pin box header converterSensor outputs are stabilized with capacitorEach screw terminal center pin is sensor output rest two are GND and VccBox header pin 9 – GNDBox header pin 10 – Vcc (5V)On board po..
Model: TPS-00628
6 IR-Photodiode Sensors Array- for Line following robot (LFR) and micro-mouse robot (Digital out, Independent Manual Adjustable)Ideal for LFR (line-follower Robot)obstacles avoiding robotsobstacles chasing robot side wall sensor maze solving robots Works on any surface Black/White Painted etc.S..
8 Channel Relay Module 8 Channel Relay Module
New Made in India
Model: TPS-MULTI105
Header connector for connecting power and trigger voltage.LED on each channel indicates relay status.Screw terminal connector for easy relay output.Available in 24v,12v and 5v operating Voltage...
Model: TPS-00363
8 Pin SMD SSOP8, SOP8 -0.65mm,1.27mm to DIP PCBSMD to DIP AdapterName: SOP8 SSOP8 TSSOP8 conversion boardPin Space: 0.65mm/1.27mmSize: 12*12mm..
8x LED Array Module - Common Anode 8x LED Array Module - Common Anode
Made in India
Model: TPS-00814
8 LED Array Module - Common Anode Size: 85mmX35mm (Aprox.) 8 led array manual from Total Project Solutions..
8x LED Array Module - Common Cathode 8x LED Array Module - Common Cathode
Made in India
Model: TPS-00924
8 LED Array Module - Common Cathode Size: 85mmX35mm (Aprox.)..
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