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Counter ICs

Indeed, counters are so important in so many applications that many different kinds of counter ICs have been designed for both TTL and CMOS logic families. Some count up for clocks and time intervals; others count down to show time remaining until some event. Some are specifically designed to count in decimal mode, while others count in binary, and still others have selectable counting ranges. The list of capabilities and options is quite large, leaving the circuit designer with only the task of selecting the particular IC that best suits the need.

Model: TPS-01773
FeaturesMedium-speed operation - fCL = 8 NHz typ. at 10 VSynchronous internal carry propagationReset and Preset capability100% tested for quiescent current at 20 V5-V, 10-V, and 15-V parametric ratingsStandardized, symmetrical output characteristicsMaximum input current of 1 µA at 18 V over ful..
Model: TPS-00660
Dual BCD Up Counter Features     Dual BCD Up Counter with Two Synchronous 4-Stage Counters    Synchronous Internal Carry Propagation    Medium Speed up to 6MHz    Wide Operating Voltage Range    Low Power TTL Package..
Model: TPS-01772
Features • Dual Binary Up Counter with Two Synchronous 4-Stage Counters • Synchronous Internal Carry Propagation • Medium Speed up to 6MHz • Wide Operating Voltage Range • Low Power TTL • Package type – DIP-16 Pin..
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