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Amplifier ICs

Amplifier ICs

The term OP-AMP is used to denote an amplifier which can be configured to perform various operations like amplification, subtraction, differentiation, addition, integration etc.

An operational amplifier or OP-AMP/OPAMP is a DC-coupled voltage amplifier with a very high voltage gain. Op-amps are among the most widely used electronic devices today, being used in a vast array of consumer, industrial, and scientific devices.

The integrated op-amp’s offers all the advantages of IC’s such as high reliability, small size, cheap, less power consumption. They are used in variety of applications such as Inverting & Non-inverting amplifiers, Unity gain buffer, Summing amplifier, Differentiator, Integrator, Adder, Instrumentation amplifier, Wien bridge oscillator, Filters etc. 

Model: TPS-00655 (HSN CODE 8542)
Features MOSFET Input Stage Very High Input Impedance (ZIN) -1.5T? (Typ)Very Low Input Current (Il) -10pA (Typ) at ±15VWide Common Mode Input Voltage Range (VlCR) - Can be Swung 0.5V Below Negative     Supply Voltage RailOutput Swing Complements Input Common Mode RangeDirec..
Model: TPS-00658 (HSN CODE 8542)
Wide bandwidth single JFET operational amplifiers Features  Internally adjustable input offset voltage Low power consumption Wide common-mode (up to VCC+) and   differential voltage range Low input bias and offset current Output short-circuit protection ..
Model: TPS-00092
Monolithic Sample and Hold CircuitFeatures     Operates from ±5V to ±18V supplies    Less than 10 µs acquisition time    TTL, PMOS, CMOS compatible logic input    0.5 mV typical hold step at Ch = 0.01 µF    Low input offse..
Model: TPS-00093 (HSN CODE 8542)
LM311 High-Speed Comparator Features     High-Speed Comparator with Low Input Current    Single and Dual Supply Operation    Input Offset Voltage: 0.7 mV    Input Offset Current: 4 pA    Input Bias Current: 60 pA &..
Model: TPS-00094 (HSN CODE 8542)
Single Supply Quad Operational AmplifiersFeaturesShort Circuited Protected OutputsTrue Differential Input StageSingle Supply Operation: 3.0 V to 32 VLow Input Bias Currents: 100 nA Maximum (LM324A)Four Amplifiers Per PackageInternally CompensatedCommon Mode Range Extends to Negative SupplyIndustry S..
Model: TPS-01120
LM324 Low Power Quad Op-Amp -SMD Package Features Short Circuited Protected Outputs True Differential Input Stage Single Supply Operation: 3.0 V to 32 V Low Input Bias Currents: 100 nA Maximum (LM324A) Four Amplifiers Per Package Internally Compensated Common Mode Ran..
Model: TPS-00095 (HSN CODE 8542)
LM339 Low Power Quad Comparator Features     Four Independent Comparators with Low Offset Voltage    Single and Dual Supply Operation    Input Offset Voltage: 3 mV    Input Offset Current: 5 pA    Input Bias Current: 25..
Model: TPS-00526 (HSN CODE 8542)
Features  741 opamp operating characteristics Class AB output stage—no crossover distortion Pin compatible with the LM124 Overload protection for inputs and outputs Low supply current drain: 0.6 mA/Amplifier Low input offset voltage: 1 mV Low input offset curren..
Model: TPS-00096
LM358 Low Power Dual Op-Amp Features     Two Independent, High-Gain, Frequency Compensated Op-Amps    Can Operate from a Single or Dual Supply    Large DC Voltage Gain: 100 dB    Wide Bandwidth: 1 MHz    Low Input Offse..
Model: TPS-01121 (HSN CODE 8542)
Advantages:Two Internally Compensated Op AmpsEliminates Need for Dual SuppliesAllows Direct Sensing Near GND and VOUT Also Goes to GND Compatible with All Forms of Logic Power Drain Suitable for Battery OperationApplicationsActive FiltersGeneral Signal Conditioning and Amplification4- to 2..
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