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Zigbee - XBEE Module
Zigbee - XBEE Module
Zigbee - XBEE Module
Zigbee - XBEE Module
Zigbee - XBEE ModuleZigbee - XBEE Module
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Zigbee - XBEE Module

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Product Description:

XBee modules are ideal for applications requiring low latency and predictable communication timing. Providing quick, robust communication in point-to-point, peer-to-peer, and multipoint/star configurations, XBee products enable robust end-point connectivity with ease. XBee RF modules maximize performance and ease of development.

XBee modules seamlessly interface with compatible gateways, device adapters and range extenders, providing developers with true beyond-the-horizon connectivity. The updated XBee module is built with the SiliconLabs EM357 SoC and offers improved power consumption, support for over-the-air firmware updates, and provides an upgrade path to DigiMesh® or ZigBee® mesh

protocols if desired.


  • Simple, out-of-the-box RF communications, no configuration needed
  • Point-to-multipoint network topology
  • 2.4 GHz for worldwide deployment
  • Common XBee footprint for a variety of RF modules
  • Industry leading sleep current of sub 1uA
  • Firmware upgrades via UART, SPI or over the air
  • Migratable to DigiMesh and ZigBee PRO protocols and vice-versa
  • Easy to operate


  • Remote industrial control and monitoring
  • Long range remote control
  • Wireless data acquisition