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A4 PCB Toner Transfer Paper/Glossy Paper
A4 PCB Toner Transfer Paper/Glossy Paper
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A4 PCB Toner Transfer Paper/Glossy Paper

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A4 PCB Toner Transfer Paper/Glossy Paper


This premium Photo Paper can be used to print glossy photos in the comfort of your own home. This paper dries instantly so you can view and display your photos straight away. It comes in a handy value pack of 50 so that you can print plenty of photos.


The sheets are A4 size making them convenient for everyday use.

It is fast drying so you can handle your photos instantly.

This photo paper is compatible with most inkjet printers.

The paper has a glossy finish.

World's Best Glossy Paper Made in Japan

Coated surface with high gloss, Excellent Whiteness.

High-resolution Prints, Just Like Photographs.

Water Resistant & Long Life of Prints. Available in different thickness/Gloss.

(Uses):- Digital Photographic Printouts.||Proofing & Printing.||Greetings, Calendars, Photos.||Passport Size Photographs.||Project Work, Reports, Presentations.||Various other uses.