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more_vertLoad Cell for Strain gauge-Weighing Machine Module

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Load Cell for Strain gauge-Weighing Machine Moduleclose

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONAn electronic weighing machine uses the load cell to measure the pressure produced by the load, here most load cells follow the method of a strain gauge, Which converts the pressure (force*Area) into an electrical signal, these load cells have four strain gauges that are hooked up in a Wheatstone bridge formation.When we apply load the strain gauge resistance will change and hen..

A load cell is a type of force sensor that converts the deformation of a material, measured by strain gauges, into an electrical signal. The most common type of load cell uses a bending beam configuration. As force is applied to the beam, it bends slightly and this bending/strain of the beam material changes the electrical output of the strain gauges mounted on the material. 

There are other types of force sensors available, such as piezoresistive force sensors, which measure force differently. A piezoresistive force sensor measures a compressive force directly instead of correlating the strain of a beam to force applied.