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more_vert16x2 Character LCD Display Module 162G (Large)

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16x2 Character LCD Display Module 162G (Large)close

16x2 Character LCD Display Module 162G (Large size)Display: 16×2 characterOutline: 122.0x44.0x14.0VA: 106.0x24.0Character: 4.84x9.66      16x2 JUMBO LCD 162G      16 Characters X 2 Line         (Row) PIN No. Symbol Function 1 VSS  Ground(0V) 2 VDD Supply voltage +4.7V-5.0V ..

more_vert3X7 Segment Display - Common Anode

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3X7 Segment Display - Common Anodeclose

FEATURES:- 13.20mm (0.52”) Three digit numeric display series Low current operation. Excellent character appearance. Easy mounting on P.C. Boards or sockets. I.C. Compatible. ROHS Compliance. PIN OUT..

Liquid Crystal Displays with and without led backlights using standard parallel or serial interfaces. TFT and graphic displays. VGA, LED and accessories.carries a full line of Light Emitting Diode (LED) accessories and parts. Whether your project calls for infrared LEDs, LED displays, high power LEDs, a flashing LED kit, or a 7-segment LED