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more_vertSPDT Switch (Toggle Swatch 0.3Amp)

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SPDT Switch (Toggle Swatch 0.3Amp) close

SPDT Switch (Toggle Swatch 0.3Amp)Single pole, double throw, a simple type of changeover electrical switch..

more_vertSPDT Switch - Center Off - Rocker - Spring Action

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SPDT Switch - Center Off - Rocker - Spring Action close

SPDT Switch - Center Off - Rocker - Spring Action     A Single Pole Double Throw toggle switch connects a common terminal to one or the other of two terminals. It is always connected to one or the other. The two outside terminals are never connected by the switch.    To use a SPDT switch as a SPST switch just use the common terminal and either of the other terminals. ..

more_vertSwitch Box for 2 DPDT Switches

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Switch Box for 2 DPDT Switchesclose

Description:2 DPDT Switches in a single Switch Box. 4 Way- Forward/Backward & Left/Right. Suitable for Wireless controlled Robots..

more_vertAnalog Joystick

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Analog Joystick close

Analog JoystickDescription: It is used for two-dimensional input. An analog joystick is a variation of a joystick, consisting of a protrusion from the controller; input is based on the position of this protrusion in relation to the default "center" position. While digital sticks rely on single electrical connections for movement (using internal digital electrical contacts for up, down,..

more_vertDPDT Switch -Either/Or Toggle Type - Lock Action -15 Amp

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DPDT Switch -Either/Or Toggle Type - Lock Action -15 Amp close

DPDT Switch -Either/Or Toggle Type - Lock Action -15 Amp        Specifications: DPDT Switch -Either/Or Toggle Type - Lock Action -15 AmpProduct Name: Toggle Switch;Rated Voltage & Current: AC 250V, 15APosition: 2 Positions (ON/ON);Type: DPDTCap Diameter: 21mm / 0.83";Body Size(Approx.) : 34 x 19.5 x 19mm ..

more_vertLimit-Leaf Switch (Mini Roller Switch)

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Limit-Leaf Switch (Mini Roller Switch) close

Limit-Leaf Switch (Mini Roller Switch)                        Description Operating temperature: -20’C to 70’CRated voltage: AC 125V-250VCurrent rating: 5APCB Terminals Circuit BoardWith Roller Lever LimitDimensionsHEIGHT        ..

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