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more_vertMagnetic Float Switch

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Magnetic Float Switchclose

FEATURESOperation without power supplyLow cost polypropylene level switchHermetically moulded, double chamberMercury free operated micro switchPVC or NEOPREN cableAdjustable switch differentialLow specific weight of the floating bodyAPPLICATIONSLevel switch from drinking water to sewageSuitable also for tanks and basinsFail-safe indication and pump controlFor overfill protectionSPECIFICATIONSSwitc..

more_vertPCB Mount Goli Buzzer 5-12V

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PCB Mount Goli Buzzer 5-12Vclose

This is a small Buzzer, which can be mount on PCB. It has two pins; the bigger pin should be connected to positive supply and shorter one should be connected to ground connection. Operating voltage range is 5-12V. If you provide provide square wave of 5V, it will create a good sound. for a optimum sound quality provide 2-4KHz wave. ..

Basically anything that creates a mechanical movement from an electrical signal, or vice versa, is electro-mechanical. Relays, motors and so on.