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more_vertBO Motors

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BO MOTORSingle Shaft Plastic Gear MotorRight angled (L type) / straight (I type)Weight 31 gms Operating Voltage - 3-9V DCCurrent consumption - 0.4-0.7A depends on loadRPM- 10, 60, 100, 150, 300 RPMRPM - Depends on applied voltageShaft diameter – 5mm with BO motor shaft style..

more_vertMetal Body Side Shaft Motor

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Metal body  Side Shaft  Motor is suitable for large robots / automation systems. It has sturdy construction with gear box built to handle stall torque produced by the motor. Drive shaft is supported from both sides with metal bushes. Motor runs smoothly for excellent coupling. ..

Robot DC Gearhead Motor & Wheel Starter Kit Robot Motor Wheel Kit, DC Gearhead Motor · Robot DC Gearhead Motor & Wheel Starter Kit. DC motors and controllers and accessories for control of motors from USB, logic-level serial, analog voltage and hobby radio control (RC) systems.